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The Saturday Comics: Gotham City Uncensored

26 Feb

February 26, 2014

Saturday Comics on a Wednesday?  Why not? After all, new comics don’t come out on Saturday either.

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The Brave and the Bold 197 (1983), written by Alan Brennert, is one of my favorite Batman comics. With all of the changes in DC continuity over the last few years (OK, decades) this story is way, way out of continuity, but at one time it filled in an important part of DCU history. This is a tale of the Earth 2 Batman. Earth 2 was once the home of the Justice Society, as well as older versions of Batman and Superman. This was also the exclusive home of Huntress and Power Girl. This story tells of an older Batman, nearing retirement, and how he fell in love with and married Selina Kyle, Catwoman. The story is so good it was even reprinted in a volume of the Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told. Regardless of whether or not it fits into the current New 52 era, this issue is great reading and worth if for the Joe Staton art. For some reason it has been going up in value. You can’t find an issue on eBay for less than $10. But if you are a comics or Batman fan, this issue is worth it.

If you prefer, for just a little more, you can get the hardcover collection that contains this story and a few more, but be warned, you’ll be missing out, since there is a very slight (but interesting) change to the artwork.

Joe Staton inserted a joke into the splash page. He never expected it to get printed. He fully expected the editor to catch it, have a laugh, and take it out. But it somehow made it into print.

This scan is from my own copy.

This scan is from my own copy.

See it? Staton put in a pedophile joke, right there on the shoebox.

I don’t see how the editor missed it. I’ve had this issue for years and I spotted it long ago. But I never knew the story behind it before and luckily, Comic Book Resources already got to the bottom of it. Via CBR, here is the explanation from Joe Staton himself:

Actually I think the label was more “PED-ophile”.  Commission Gordon was holding a shoe box and at the time I thought is was funny that you might see “pedophile”  as meaning “foot lover,” not a good pun, but not such a bad name for a shoe company.

Anyway, I put it in, but back then, DC had a pretty tight editorial process so stupid jokes and personal bits were normally caught and properly disposed of.  Unfortunately, not in this case.  My stupid joke was actually inked and even printed.  Most people seemed not have even noticed it, but it looked tacky.

Later when editor Mark Waid told me that the story was going to be in a collection, I asked him to erase the label and he was happy to do so.  It was my stupid joke and I’m very grateful to Mark for letting me set it right, especially since this was one of my best jobs, on one of the very best scripts that ever came to me, with one of the very best inking jobs I ever got.

Thanks for letting me clear that up.

Mystery solved!



The Saturday Comics: The Infamous Case of The Joker’s Boner (by popular request)

25 Aug

August 25, 2012

I originally posted this in 2010 but it is a perennial on this site. Not a day goes by that this post does not get any views. I have posted just under 1,000 blogs and this one is, month in and month out, one of the most viewed.

from December 28, 2010

Wonder Woman, Lois Lane. Jimmy Olsen. As we’ve seen, Superman has a pretty diverse circle of friends. One is an Amazonian princess who rides a skateboard. Another is a woman who locks her head in a safe, and the third is some sort of hybrid monkey boy.

Next up is the world-famous crime-fighter, Batman. Oh, in this era he wasn’t exactly the  Dark Knight we all know now. Back in the 1940’s and 50’s Batman tended to be a bit, um goofy. And possibly a repressed homosexual. In the panels reprinted below, the Joker, upset that Gotham City laughed at his boner, decides to get Batman to pull his own boner and thus, well, maybe you should just read for yourself.

This story exists on the net mostly as single panels. A few are missing, mostly ones that don’t use the word “boner.” I’ve put them together as best I can. So here we go, back to the glory days of comic books, where every kid dreamed of reading about a big boner.

And there you go. The Joker pulled his boner, Batman pulled his boner, I bet even Robin went off and pulled his boner somewhere off panel, probably while looking at that volume of “Great Boners of All Time” Bruce Wayne keeps in his library. God only knows what Aunt Harriet thought when she saw that one!

But the fun isn’t over yet. Here is an absolutely real Batman water gun. Note the plug and the trigger.

Here is something else I found on the net. I’d give credit where credit is due but I have no idea who made this. Good thing that Batman didn’t have this problem in that Joker caper!

And lastly, not Bat-related but still funny, from the good people at Wrestlecrap:

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