A Product We All Need

14 Nov

from February 28, 2008

SPAM(ALOT) BLOCKER- This is to block the ads for Spamalot that seem to be all over TV, but especially all over The People’s Court that my TiVo records for me everyday. (Yes, I TiVo The People’s Court and Judge Judy. Got a problem with that?) Now I’m all for Spamalot and would love to see it, being a big Python fan and all, but jeez, just because they got Clay Aiken in the play they feel like they have to shout it all over the airwaves. Like it was hard to get Clay Aiken. What else did he have on his agenda, tap his foot in the men’s room, if you know what I mean? It isn’t like he was busy writing his Grammy acceptance speech. And look how far the Pythons have fallen. Clay Aiken should be a target of their satire, not a star in their play. I understand that Clay’s understudy is the guy who just missed out on being the Maytag repair man

And speaking of Clay Aiken, (and how often does anyone say that, like never?) isn’t it about time he became a one-name celebrity? OK, stop laughing, I know he’s not a celebrity, but isn’t it about time he became known simply as “Clayken?” It just rolls of the tongue. Go on, say it- “Clayken.” Hey, I’ll even write it out in big motivational capital letters- CLAYKEN. Sounds like an industrial waste company doesn’t it? “Clayken Industrial Waste and Portable Toilet Service, meeting all of Northern Kentucky’s waste needs since 1983.”


Nah, he’s pretty untalented.

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