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10 Nov

November 10, 2011

I am not always up on the world of fashion. Take shoes for instance. Hate ’em. I only wear then when I absolutely cannot get away with sneakers. And I only get new sneakers when my old ones fall off my feet in three or four pieces. While I haven’t gone so far as to duct tape a pair together, I have had some sneakers in my life that were probably well past the point of still technically being sneakers. But to be fair, when I do get a new pair, I want a cool pair.

Same with denim jackets and t-shirts. You may be starting to get the impression that I do not dress well. In fact I do and can look pretty sharp on occasion, but those times are few and far between. In general I like to dress for comfort.

I did buy a really nice jacket the other day. It is really cool and I like it. It looks like leather. It isn’t. That’s not out of any moral stance, it’s out of an economic stance.

Which brings me to my point. What’s up with this shit?

First let me say that Sadie Whitelocks has a disgusting sense of humor.

I fully get that designers will often pull a stunt like that just for attention. It is great publicity, even if you do get to be known as the Nipple Dress Designer. But on the other hand, I am never quite sure if something like this is meant seriously. I’ve seen things just as odd worn on the streets of Manhattan.

Is it ironic that you cannot see the model's nipples?

Before you start thinking about how beautiful it is, let me remind you that the woman is wearing a dress made out of yak nipples.

You should click to enlarge

It has often been said that Native Americans used every part of a cow and let nothing go to waste.

They did not making clothes out of the cow’s nipples.

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