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JetBlue and the Incredible Flight Attendant Getaway

10 Aug

August 10, 2010

“Few men of action have been able to make a graceful exit at the appropriate time.”
Malcolm Muggeridge

“Hello I must be going”
Groucho Marx

It isn’t hard to make a great entrance. Timing, dress, the right moment. Whole weddings are designed around the bride’s entrance. It’s something we all try- do it right, and people remember.

Of course, it is a bit harder to make a great exit. You want to end on a high note, or leave ’em laughing.

Daffy Duck, famously, made a grand exit, but he could only do it once.

But he had nothing on this guy:

Steve Slater, the JetBlue Hater!

Meet Steve Slater.

JetBlue flight attendant, and winner of the GREATEST EXIT EVER AWARD!

The story begins on Monday at JFK airport, New York. Shockingly, to the surprise of everyone, a flight landed on time. Yes, really!

The plane taxied to the terminal and came to a stop, but the pilot had not yet given the signal for the passengers to get out of their seats. Of course, that never stopped anyone. If you’ve been crammed on a plane for hours on end you take any chance you can get to stretch, especially if you are on the ground and motionless. One passenger stood up and started taking his bag out of the overhead compartment.

Well, that just didn’t sit right with Steward Extraordinaire Steven Slater.

Steven Slater, moments before the fun began

“Sit down please.”

No response.

He came a bit closer “Sir, the pilot hasn’t given the signal, sit down please.”

No response.

“Sir, I -OOOFF!”

At that moment, the passenger wrestled his bag out of the overhead, which came down and hit Slater on the head. The two men got into an argument during which, according to witnesses, the passenger called Slater “a mo-fo.”

Sounds like a great Jerry Springer moment. Seriously, how angry can you be if the best you can come up with is “mo-fo”? Even Michael Richards did better, but we all know what happened to him.

So anyway, just seconds after being called a “mo-fo,” Steven Slater ran to the front of the cabin, and thus begins the GREATEST EXIT EVER!

He picked up the intercom and cursed out all the passengers,
threw open the emergency exit and the inflatable ramp,
grabbed two beers from the galley and slide down the emergency slide,
ran to the employee parking lot, jumped in his car, and sped off.

Allegedly, he yelled “There goes 28 years!” and “yippee!” as he slid.

Now that is a show! No one on that plane will ever forget it!

Police found him at his home, having sex with his boyfriend, where I’m sure another unforgettable exit was in the making.


My thanks to Thomas Stazyk for noting the uncanny resemblance to controller Jacobs from Airplane!

Any many thanks to Jodi Applegate for coining the name “The Jet-Blunatic.” Classic!

While there is no clear video of the incident available, here is Louie CK with an unforgettable aerial exit of his own:


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