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The Saturday Comics: Bat-Hulk

25 May

May 26, 2013

DC’s New 52 reboot hit on all cylinders when it first debuted. For months, DC dominated the sales charts, but since then things have begun to settle down and lately DC has settled into more or less the same number two position it usually held against Marvel.

I think part of the problem has to be that with a new continuity, you lose some of the gems of the old continuity. Gems? Or lumps of coal, you decide. This is one character I guarantee the New 52 will not debut any time soon.


From the DC wiki:

When the Riddler, Joker and Penguin team up together to commit a series of crimes to grab Batman’s attention, he falls into their trap which leads to Batman being exposed to a chemical of the Joker’s design that causes Batman to periodically change into a creature dubbed “Bat-Hulk”, a giant muscle-bound creature who’s touch can melt anything in it’s grasp.

Changing back to human form, Batman seeks out the aid of Metamorpho to try and find a chemical combination to reverse the mutation, however Batman changes back into Bat-Hulk and goes on a rampage, before ultimately finding the Joker, Riddler, and Penguin and joining up with them in their next criminal plot.

Metamorpho goes after the crooks, and battles the Bat-Hulk, until the creature is struck by lightening causing the mutation to reverse and curing the Caped Crusader. The three criminals are then quickly rounded up and taken off to jail.

bathulk bathulk2 BB68d-thumb_jpg_pagespeed_ce_t7arSEnNPN

On the one hand I hope Marvel sued the pants off DC. On the other hand, I’d love to see The Hulk put on a Bat-suit and battle crime, cruising around town in his gigantic green Hulk-Batmobile.

And now for something completely different, three comic book covers featuring a fat Superman.

 fat superman 0312_action_477993870766_c77eff294f

The Saturday Comics: Superman and the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids (Classic Repost)

7 Apr

April 7, 2012

I like this one. It features Superman, a guy in an eye patch, and a computer with as much as 512 KB of memory. What’s not to like?

From August 3, 2010

The answer is so obvious, I’m shocked no one else has seen it.

We have oil spilling into the gulf.
We have the threat of terrorism.
We have severe economic troubles.

Has no one ever read this comic?

Al Gore would love this comic. It combines two things he invented, the internet and climate change.

Back in the ’80’s, Radio Shack, perhaps hoping to create the next X-Men, put out a series of comics featuring “The Tandy Computer Whiz Kids.” Alec and Shanna, the “Whiz Kids,” were you’re typical Archie and Betty-type kids (very bland) that somehow found themselves in Scooby Doo situations every week.

You know he's evil because he wears an eye patch!

They foiled kidnappers, stopped drug dealers, and even averted World War Three by stopping a rogue soviet nuclear submarine.

How did they do it? By using their Tandy Computer TRS-80, which they plugged every chance they got.

Behold the TRS-80!


Type: Home computer
Release date: 1980
Discontinued: 1991
Operating system: Color BASIC 1.0 / 2.0 / OS-9
CPU: Motorola 6809E @ 0.895 MHz / 1.79 MHz
Memory: 4 KB / 16 KB / 32 KB/ 64 KB / 128 KB / 512 KB

Imagine- they stopped World War Three with less computing power than your average cell phone!

Eventually Alec and Shanna managed to clean up their own city and were soon invited into the Justice League, where they teamed with Superman to save Metropolis.

The Brave and The Bold

Alec and Shanna retired from heroics in the early nineties. They could no longer keep up with villains who used the internet or texted. (There were also rumors of an affair between Shanna and Robin.)

However, their influence is still felt today, as one of their community organizers has gone on to greater fame.

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