American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: The Call

12 Mar

March 12th, 2012

After weeks of silence, Junior calls Senior to give his condolences on Helen’s passing. Then PJD starts a charity build for the March of Dimes while OCC finishes a two-bike build for John Christner Trucking.

This week, Lamar construction hires PJD to build a bike for charity, the March of Dimes. The bike is going to be raffled off and hopefully raise a lot of money. Paulie and the crew visited some parents and kids in the hospital to get inspired for the project. It was moving and although he didn’t say anything, you could see that Vinnie was touched, being a father himself.

Over at OCC, the twin build for John Christner Trucking moved along. The old school bike was nearly complete and the focus was on the modern bike. Rick, who announced his wedding last week, was the lead fabricator as usual. What is interesting about him is that he depends less on the machines than the others in the shop, most of what he does is by hand.

When painted, the old school bike is very nice and the modern bike is shaping up very nicely too. It has tail lights mounted under the seat in the seat assembly.

It has only been a couple of weeks of TV time but two months have passed since Senior’s step-mother Helen died. Paulie finally, for whatever reason, decided that he was wrong to not call his father. “I had my reasons.” Maybe it was only guilt, but he is finally going to do the right thing.

At this point, I want to remind you of something Paulie said a few shows back:

Paulie, his wife, and his mother sat down to talk about the Helen situation. Bottom line, he feels it should be handled in private. As he pointed out, he didn’t allow discovery to film his wedding and there were no cameras in the courtroom during all the legal drama with his father.

So of course this week it will all be done on camera.

PJD starts their build while still brainstorming a design. The bike will be “a rider” and not a showpiece, which is usually a better bike in my mind. Most of the build seems like a build-by-the-seat-of-their-pants thing. It will corporate the March of  Dime’s colors, purple and white.

And now, the results of Mikey’s weight loss challenge! You may recall he started at 350 pounds and now, 45 days later, he weighs 337 and 3/8,  and that included the hair-weight he lost when he shaved his beard. 13 pounds in 45 days, a big guy like him? He should have lost that much in water weight alone. I guess his motivational trainer was a bust. This is true- when Mikey’s weight was announced the crowd nearly didn’t applaud, they were shocked that he lost so little.

And speaking of Mikey, the Free Rick T-shirts made another appearance. OCC’s legal team clamped down on Mikey because of them and since he can’t sell them he gives them away. Another reason he can’t sell them? They are butt ugly.

Some of you have asked about V-Force, Vinnie’s company. I got the following information from the Times Herald-Record website:

V-Force is still owned by Vinnie and Cody, and it is doing well. It’s on Route 17K in Rock Tavern, and they have an open-door policy. Don’t be afraid or shy to stop in and say hi or buy a T-shirt. The guys will be happy to sign it for you.

OK, OK! So you want to know what’s going on with Vinnie. He is still working at V-Force: Paul Jr. subcontracts Vinnie through V-Force. “Vinnie working over at Pauly’s hasn’t hurt the business at all,” Cody said. “The show is giving V-Force good exposure.”

Part of the agreement of Vinnie being on the show was that he could wear hats and T-shirts bearing the V-Force logo for the simple fact that he didn’t want people thinking that V-Force was out of business. Cody has also made a couple of appearances on the show.

That article is about a year old but I assume it is still accurate.

At 9:39 the moment we were all waiting for arrived. Paulie called his father and of course his father’s phone went straight to voicemail. He left a nice, if slightly awkward, message of condolence.

They went to commercial and when they came back, it was back to the usual nonsense. It is 9:50 as I type this, they are going to commercial, and so far Senior has not gotten the message. Discovery really knows how to stretch five minutes of drama into a full show.

Back from commercial at 9:53 and it is back to PJD’s build. For an episode titled The Call they are doing a nice job of ignoring it.

Then at 9:55 it is the OCC unveil. In the words of Milhouse, “when are they going to get to the fireworks factory?”

And finally, at 9:57, Senior hears the message! “I think it was good to hear his voice, I think it was cool that he called, maybe it gives me an opportunity to go over there.”


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior
Drastic Step
Mikey launches a “Fill the Diaper” fundraising campaign for March of Dimes, OCC starts an eco-friendly build for CIMA Green and PJD unveils the March of Dimes bike. Meanwhile, Senior takes bold steps to reunite with his sons.
The commercial: Senior walks over to his wife and very seriously says “guess where I just came from.”

6 Responses to “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: The Call”

  1. steve March 12, 2012 at 11:54 pm #

    So when Paul Jr. left the message he said he thought that senior hadn’t talked or seen Helen for quite some time before she died. Did senior have a falling out with her also?


    • bmj2k March 12, 2012 at 11:55 pm #

      I have no idea but would it surprise me? No.


      • MikeyBlu2323 (@MikeyBlu23) March 13, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

        But seriously, why the hell would that matter. Man, no has had PJ’s back like me over thh years be he is so wrong on this one, as I commented last week. Junior has really turned this Hele passing ordeal into all about him. That weird “meeting” at his home last week with wife and mom? You can start to see more and more that Junior’s pride is biting him in the ass a bit…needing to give exact amount he donated to March of Dimes…I don’t know..I think Juniors ego ballon needs a little air let out of it.
        Senior couldn;t resist taking another shot at his son. Instead of telling Christina to shut it, its my son, etc he needs to join in. Rick is so classy man, he just refuses to get in the middle…he’s truly a great guy.
        Also, i love how the wives just yes their husbands to death, no matter what. And next to Stevie, Beth is second when it comes to not wanting Senior to get back with his sons, its so obvious if you ask me.
        Funniest line/part of show…when Rachel was leaving Jr’s office she says, “okay, I’m gonna go back downstairs and finish.” Finish what? LOL! What does she do again?


        • bmj2k March 13, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

          I usually avoid talking about the wives but you are right about both of them.


  2. 7theaven March 14, 2012 at 3:25 am #

    lol great post


  3. Cleveland April 9, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    Big big fan of you guys show but I have to ask what color purple an silver did u use on the March of dime bike


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