Crisis in the Middle East (Classic Repost)

6 Jun


Crisis in the Middle East from September 25, 2007 There was a new uprising in the Middle East today as the new terror leader was revealed. Colonel Sanders moved to consolidate his power base today as his elite troops closed in on the province of al-Kentucky in the southern part of Saudi Arabia. Before today, Colonel Sanders was the unknown financier behind the terrorists, but he revealed himself today as the mastermind of fast food politics, as his soldiers soon took down … Read More

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2 Responses to “Crisis in the Middle East (Classic Repost)”

  1. JRD Skinner June 7, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

    Well done. *golf clap*

    Also, here’s a little tidbit regarding your comic cover post, and how many people might remember Gunsmoke:



  1. My Review of My Review of Superman Returns « Mr. Blog's Tepid Ride - March 28, 2011

    […] a solid. I just want to explain that this was not Colonel Sanders, who was revealed to be the real Middle-Eastern trouble maker in my recent news photo blog. The Colonel was still quietly serving his seven secret spices (two of which are rat poison and […]


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