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The Celebrity Apprentice: THE FINALE!

20 May

May 20, 2012


And we are live! Trump is on his way (pre-taped) in Mario Andretti’s race car to the studio. And his hair looked better at the end. Expect a lot of clips and flashbacks.

The contest is interspersed between live clips of the returning contestants. The Magic Johnson snafu? Solved. More video is on the way. Debbie Gibson is complaining about being micromanaged but like Clay said, he is the only one who can get fired tonight.

Adam Carolla is going to write material for Paul Sr. and Teresa, which is a relief for Lisa. Problem is Arsenio needs to take control.

Clay is doing a carnival theme since his charity is for children. When they get to the event space, he finally gets to see the sketches from Debbie’s cousin, which may be undoable.

Clay to Aubrey: “Would you let me do it, since it’s my show?” Aubrey got upset because Clay was “stepping on her toes” and “without us there would be no show.” Can I say one last time, SHUT UP YOU OBNOXIOUS SELF-CENTERED NOTHING? Thanks, I will.

Next comes the Lou montage: 378 clips of Lou saying “110%.” Lou’s rebuttal: “I raised $41,000 for my charity.” Lou wins.

Victoria Gotti called Lisa and Aubrey “crude rude and classless.” That was John Gotti’s daughter speaking, please bear in mind, so she should know. That was the pot calling the kettle black but in this case the pot is correct.

The events start and the big donors get in first. They only have 75 seats each so if you were on line and were planning to donate 50 bucks forget it.

We then had the Lisa montage, which made her look about as good as you’d expect.

Trump to Paul Sr.: “You’re a much different guy on Celebrity Apprentice than we’ve seen elsewhere. Which is the real Paul?”
Paul: “This is.” HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaah! This is the real Paul Sr.:

The events began with Clay and Arsenio onstage together talking about their charities. It is nice that they seem to genuinely get along. It continued with Adam Carolla’s stand up, which was actually pretty good considering I did not like him befofre this show. Most of the humor was at Trump’s expense. The Donald is usually a good sport about that.

During Clay’s show, Dee and Debbie sang baby love. Would you have expected that from Dee?

Aubrey sang I will survive and said: “Everyone knew I should have been in the final two.” Once more. SHUT UP YOU OBNOXIOUS SELF-CENTERED NOTHING.

Penn and Teller did some of their act and, despite the lousy way Penn came across, Penn and Teller is a show not to miss.

Dee sang, Clay sang, they all sang. It was only in small clips but I think Clay put on the better show.

It may sound like I am giving the show short shrift today, but like all finales there is a lot of fluff.

So who raised more money in the finale? Clay, with over $301,000. but don’t feel bad for Arsenio’s charity, he gets to keep the money he raised.

At 10:30 Clay and Arsenio entered the theater for the live show.  After the break they sang together, Lean on Me. then another break.

When we come back, we are treated to a montage of past Celebrity Apprentice winners. Then Clay and Arsenio explain why they should win. “I don’t want my mother to sit through me losing on tv again,” said Clay. “I was always number two. I need to be number one,” saiud Arsenio.


The winner is…………..


Mr. Blog congratulates you!

The Celebrity Apprentice: Week Thirteen

13 May

May 13, 2012

This is it. One more will be fired when the show opens and the remaining two will fight it out.

Clay. Aubrey. Arsenio.

The show starts right were it ended last week. Trump is grilling the final three and is getting ready to fire one of them. It looks like Arsenio might go (he’s getting a lot of heat for his outburst and language) but by now I give up trying to predict this.

OMG! Aubrey was fired!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go!


Trump: “Here you are, the final two.”
Clay: “I’m having a little deja vu.” LOL!

Score one for the good guys!

The next thing, aside from the task, is to see which contestants come back. I have three spoilers.

Spoiler #1: Lou Ferrigno is not coming back. That was confirmed by
Spoiler #2: Dee Snyder is coming back. He was on a radio show here in NYC where he said he’d be back. “They bring back the good contestants, that’s why Lou Ferrigno won’t be there.”
Spoiler #3: Not that big a spoiler, I took this from the commercial for the show. (BTW, don’t try to play it, it is only a screen cap.)

Yeah, you can bet that’ll get some play on the American Chopper Weekly Rundown tomorrow night.

And so will this:

You really need to be here tomorrow night.

But back to the show!

THE TASK: Produce, host, star in, and sell tickets to a celebrity charity event.
CLAY: Penn, Debbie, Dee, Aubrey
ARSENIO: Adam, Lisa, Paul Sr., Teresa

Aubrey was picked last. “Haters are hating once again,” she convinced herself.

Clay got the three singers, not a bad deal for a task centered around entertainment.

Arsenio is doing and 80’s theme, as in we left all this old 80’s stuff behind, what about HIV? Not a bad idea, but what about the entertainment? Clay seems to have that cornered.

On the other hand he has to work with Penn. Clay chose him to show that he could work with anyone, even someone he fought with. Not a bad idea, but Penn is being Mr. Contrary again.

So who did not come back? Lou Ferrigno, George Takei, Cheryl Tiegs, Dayana Mendoza, Tia Carrere, Patricia Velasquez, Michael Andretti, and Victoria Gotti, thank goodness. And do you miss any of them?

On the other hand, Aubrey is being Aubrey. You know what I mean. she has these ideas that for some reason no one tells her they suck. They just go along with her.

Meanwhile, as Team Arsenio was shooting their 80’s video, Team Clay was having trouble finding a spot to shoot their video. They needed a place with a lot of grass for kids to play. Hmmm, New York City, lots of grass… Central Park anyone? Seems so obvious to me. However, they found a patch of grass in a housing project and shot the video.

On Arsenio’s side, they plan to put Magic Johnson in the video but they are having trouble getting it set up.

Meanwhile, Aubrey’s jealousy of Debbie boils back up. Say what you will about Debbie’s career, we all know Aubrey will never reach Debbie’s level. That may be sad but it is true. Meanwhile, it was Debbie’s turn to argue with Clay. Clay, as he said had to make the decisions. After all, he is the only one on the chopping block. Debbie has a big role this week. She got her cousin to do a mural for Clay and all Clay wants is to see a sketch. Debbie is asking for him to trust her. OK, but this is the finale! Debbie can’t get fired in the boardroom, he HAS TO have the final decision.

On the strange side, Lisa called Clay to tell him she’d be making a contribution to his charity. Why? To be nice? Maybe, but she is on the other side. What if Clay raises a hair more than Arsenio? It would be her money that put him over!

And when the Magic Johnson video finally arrives, it is lousy.


The Celebrity Apprentice: Week Twelve

6 May

May 6, 2012

Dayana was fired last week. Five are left, but by the end of the show there will be only three. Trump is firing two tonight. My guesses? Arsenio and Teresa are sent packing, leaving Clay, Aubrey, and Lisa in the final three.

THE TASK: Create a print ad for Elle Magazine
THE PROJECT MANAGERS: Teresa with Arsenio and Aubrey, Lisa with Clay.

There is a product in mind but the guy in charge had a thick accent and I missed it. I’ll go back later. (It is Chi, a hairdryer.) Anyway, when Teresa said she was PM you should have seen the look on Lisa’s face. She was a shark smelling blood in the water.

“As usual I had a million ideas.” Aubrey, and I can’t complain about that since I like her idea “be at peace with your hair.”

Teresa is not a negotiator. The teams had to pick from the same models and Teresa sat down with Lisa and told her straight out who her picks were. That left Lisa free to rook her any way she wanted. Lisa and Clay were not wedded to any of the models but once Lisa knew who Teresa wanted she was free to screw her out of them.

Clay, meanwhile, was not effective alone. He needed Lisa to make a lot of decisions. On the other side, the PM, Teresa, was not effective either. But hey, cut her some slack, she was stuck with Aubrey who managed to put herself in the ad too.

Around the 9:40 mark, Aubrey made a lot of cameramen and editors very happy by sitting around topless for a while. And from the look on her face, she knew just what she was doing. (Sorry dudes, it was pixellated.)

“I just look so good as a hair model! It’s undeniable! Hellloo!”

Train wreck time! Teresa read- and read BADLY- off cards during her presentation. She stumbled, she misspoke, she appeared illiterate. If they lose, SHE HAS TO GO. But other than Teresa, the ad campaign was really good. Arsenio and Aubrey read from cards as well, but not nearly as obviously or poorly as Teresa. Aubrey: “I saved the day.” Yeah, whatever.

I liked the visuals for Clay’s team, but the ads were way too wordy. Lisa: “If Teresa wins over me it is time to hang it up.”

I googled Chi hairdryer and this came up. Here is a gratuitous picture of Jennifer Aniston. Does she use the Chi? Beats me but probably not.

9:56. Boardroom time, and earlier than usual.

Trump to Lisa: Should Teresa be in the final two “No!”
Trump to Aubrey: Who would be better in the finals, Lisa or Teresa? No answer.

THE WINNER: Lisa and Clay. Remember I said Teresa and Arsenio would get fired? I think Teresa is about to get the heave-ho. Meanwhile, it is 10:15 so it is clear Trump has something coming up after the boardroom.

Teresa, who should be fired? “Arsenio. He played it safe.”
Arsenio: “No I didn’t. I did some things our project manager was incapable of doing… I don’t think she is even qualified to evaluate my work.” And better: “Don’t throw me under the bus or I’ll back it up and hit you with it.” He stayed calm but went at Teresa hard. All Teresa could do was say “Aubrey, what do you think?” She looked really bad in the boardroom. “I’m into photography. I like to look at pictures.”

And so, Teresa, you’re fired.

And I am so far batting 1.000.

Clay. Lisa. Aubrey. Arsenio. And one more to be fired tonight.

The phone rang and Trump brought everyone back to the boardroom. He told then that they would be interviewed by John rich and Marlee Matlin, last year’s final two, and not one, but TWO will be fired. So THREE will be gone this week. So there really was a twist for the viewers.

The final four sat with John and sat with Marlee and they reported back to Trump.
Aubrey: Too green. Tried to play John Rich.
Clay: Is he a leader or a follower? Played it safe.
Arsenio: Has charisma but an out of control side.
Lisa: She talks a lot. Comes on strong.

So who are your final two?

Congratulations to ??? TO BE CONTINUED! So ok, it was only two fired this week.

NEXT WEEK: One gets fired and the final two go head to head.


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