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Picture Postcard: 7up and Kentile Signs

12 May

May 12, 2013

New York can sometimes seem like a city of non-stop progress to those who don’t live here, but to New Yorkers, it is less a city of gleaming skyscrapers and more of a city of hidden enclaves. This is one of the not-so hidden ones. Most people have heard of Little Italy in Manhattan, but the Bronx boasts its own little Italy, on a stretch of Arthur Avenue. As I was walking down the avenue, I spotted an interesting sign down the street and sprinted over to see it up close. This is a very old 7up sign, on 187th street two blocks off Arthur Avenue.


There just aren’t many old signs like that left in the city, and the ones you do find often aren’t intact. I don’t know if this still lights up, and unfortunately I may never know as the luncheonette it is attached to is closed and empty, for sale. Luncheonettes are also a dying breed.

Here is the full street scene:


And here’s a dramatic shot of the other side of the sign, showing that both sides are intact:


And here’s a bonus. Last week, the iconic Kentile sign by the Gowanus canal and BQE highway in Brooklyn was lit up for the first time in years. This sign has been unlit for decades, but a tech company aimed lasers at it and lit it up from a distance for one night only. This isn’t just an old sign lit up again, this is an old sign lit up by focused laser beams.





Way To Go, NYC. Nice Job.

5 Jan

January 5, 2014

New York city recently renamed the Battery Tunnel after a deceased former Mayor, Hugh Carey. With that comes with the cost of new signs. OK, fine, we can afford a few new signs. After all, like new Mayor Bill DiBlasio says “I’ll just raise your taxes to pay for them anyway.” But this being NYC, even simple highway signs are ripe for screw-ups.

Um, isn’t that font kind of small? When you’re driving on the highway sure, it has to be a good idea to squint at signs, right? And where’s the period after his middle initial? There is enough room to to add the period and use a bigger font. (FUN FACT: The toll has already gone up to $7.50. Thanks NYC.)


Here we have the right size font but again, no punctuation. So I guess the city really does mean that this is the Hugh L. Carey large cask for holding liquids, especially wine, ale, or beer. (That is the dictionary definition of tun, in case you were wondering.

This sign is my favorite, and Saarah took this herself while I slowed down and blocked traffic on the BQE.

H CareY Tunnel

H.   CareY Tunnel.


And even worse, they wrote it that same exact way on two more signs on that stretch of road. Is there any way at all to defined this???

Way to go, NYC. Nice job.

The Inappropriate Gorilla

8 Oct

October 8, 2013

Do you like curry?
I do not.

I think it stinks. Put it in my meal and you can keep it. Don’t want it. Won’t touch it.
And that’s a problem.

My girlfriend is a great cook. She can cook anything and it all tastes great. But the trouble is, she likes curry.
Loves it.

I do not.

So it can be a little bit of a problem when she cooks for me because she is likely to put curry in anything, including pancakes.

But that is my cross to bear in life.

HOWEVER, there is one circumstance where I can get firmly behind curry, Where I say “bring it on” and while I won’t touch that crap, I’ll gladly back the fact that it is there.


This is a shop in Manhattan and no, I’ve never been there. Don’t want to go in there either. But I love gorillas and stick a gorilla on a sign and you’ve got a store that I’m all for. Won’t try the food, but I love the sign. I have no idea what a gorilla has to do with curry, but as I always say, everything is better with gorillas.

That seems to me to be the most inappropriate use of a gorilla that I can imagine.

BTW- not only is that Kodak film’s colors, it looks like they used the same font as well.


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