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From the Mr. BTaRchives

6 May

May 6, 2014

This blog has been on WordPress since 2009. It has been around a lot longer than that, but you had to be on MySpace to see it, and we all know what happened with that site. So when everyone upped and moved out of MySpace one day, leaving me all alone (“Hey, where’d everyone go? Huh? What’s a “Facebook”?) I moved most of my old posts over to WordPress and continued on.

But while the posts were the same, the look was not. Although I didn’t keep any screencaps, I found a lot of old images of the blog on the Internet Archives site. Here is a smattering of the old looks of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride.


Here we are, back in November of 2009, and I love the white text on a black background. However, I got a few complaints that it was hard to read so that didn’t last long. There are a few things worth mentioning here. First, the header. I took that picture myself in Coney Island. Since then, Astroland has been sold and the rocket has gone with it. If you go there today the burger boy is still there, but the rocket is long gone. The header also features one of my old taglines, “It is what it is.” We’ll see some more tags later on. That page also features my old bio, before the current one written by Mac of BIOnighT.


This is from February 2010. The black background is gone and you can see a little more of the Coney Island header. (There is much more to that image, still unseen.) I liked this theme because it leaves the header image clean. The sidebar has one of my favorite “raves,” from Jim at relicradio.com.


This is April 2010 and we’ve gone to a more modern header. In fact, I’m currently using a variation of that header right now. Do you see the grammatical error in this one? It isn’t really an error. At the time this was made, the software didn’t support apostrophes. I figured it looked good and no one would notice. The tag has also changed, to “some guy’s idea of fun,” which I still think sums this blog up.


June 2010 and we’re starting to look familiar. I changed to the current theme, but I’m using one of the generic WordPress color schemes. The tag has changed once more, to “Based on the novel “Mr. Blog” by Sapphire,” which is making me chuckle as I type but may be too dated to reuse.


August of 2010 brought a new tag (“A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Wait- that’s Knight Rider.”) as well as a new “rave,” from the multi-talented JRD Skinner of flashpulp.com. He picked right up on my Superman obsession. There is also a “contact me!” link, which today can be found at the bottom of the “About me” page. I have to warn you, though- now, as then, I never check that email. All I ever get is spam about people wanting me to run their ads.


January of 2011 and I’ve changed to the green color scheme, which won’t last long. The tag has also changed to something close to my current tag. The header image is the first of a few city scenes and highway signs I’ve used over the years. This version of the blog added a few new pages, including the Scrappers page which is mercifully long gone. I added the Invisible Man founder image, and it popped up once or twice more over the years. I also wasted a lot of space with more “raves,” none of which appear on the blog anymore due to, quite honestly, my embarrassment. This particular Conway Twitty post still gets a ton of hits and the occasional angry comment.


In April 2011 I added the custom background which looks a lot better now than it does here. It still isn’t quite finished yet, but this is close to the way the blog currently looks. The founder is gone, replaced by my teaser (and I still love that ad) for the return of Mr. Know-It-All.


Here we are. I added the sidebars, and there’s my Conrad Bain plaque. (Why? Why not?) You can also see an early version of the long running city header, which ran for longer than any other image.

There have been some other changes along the way, including a ton of American Chopper headers, and the Tepid Zombie header, which I still dust off when appropriate.


By the way, here’s the full Coney Island rocket header:


The graffiti on the windows is my addition, but the rest of the building looks the same if you go there today, except for the rocket.

The blog hasn’t changed much in the last three years. The tag changed yet again, and there are some other small alterations. The site is due for another change, but no matter what, I promise not to go back to the white letters on black background.

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A Good Old-Fashioned Polar Vortex

22 Jan

January 22, 2014

We had another one of those polar-vortex/bombogenesis things today, just like they had in the good ol’ days when they called these things what they are: snowstorms.

As a public service, I took to Facebook to give updates and helpful tips to the masses.


7 am: The snow is coming today.

Tip #1- In Brooklyn, it is acceptable to decorate your snowman with empty cans of motor oil and cigarette butts.


9 am: It is snowing out.

Tip #2: If you stand outside and try to catch a snowflake on your tongue, you may also catch a dog peeing on your leg.


12 pm: The snow is getting harder.

Tip #3: Your local McDonald’s now has 14 homeless guys sitting around the play area.


1:30 pm: The snow is getting deeper.

Tip #4: Deep snow can cover a lot of dog poop, so step carefully


5 pm: The snow is going to continue all night.

Tip#5: It’ll be dark out. Turn on some lights.


8 pm: The snow continues.

Tip #6: So does Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We all have our personal Hells.


If I saved just one life it will have been worth it.









I Attempt to Translate Facebook Status Updates. (Classic OOPS! Repost)

13 Feb

February 13, 2013

Hi gang. Due to technical difficulties with YouTube the amazing fantastic historic terrific superlative better than ever post I had up for a few brief minutes had to come down. It was based around a great video but you could not see the video. So until YouTube gets its act together, enjoy this classic repost.

from June 12, 2010

Hi. Do you hate Facebook like me? Sure, we all do.

Yes, FB gives us plenty of reasons to hate it, like sharing all of our personal information with telemarketers in India. Sure, it owns all of our personal vacation photos so we shouldn’t be too surprised when our Hawaiian beach shots turn up in condom ads. And of course, FB games download so much malicious content into your PC that your hard drive would be better off infected with maggots, but none of those are the reason I hate Facebook.

I hate Facebook because it gives every illiterate pre-lobotomy nose picker the chance to show the world how stupid they are.

What follows are actual status updates I’ve found by trolling my friends’ FB pages and seeing the updates of people who linked to them. For the record, I have less than 2 dozen “friends” there, all of whom can spell both their first and last names, unlike this bunch.

What I’ve tried to do, where possible, is to decipher whatever the hell their status updates are trying to say, and wherever possible, make some sense of it.

Here we go. (Take a deep breath and a strong drink. Most of these are recent NYC high school grads.)

watchin transformers, love this movie.

OK, not really hard. The poster is watching Transformers, a movie she loves. Fair enough. But wait, she loves the movie, so she had to tear herself away from the movie to tell people that she is watching the movie? So she paused the movie, told people she was watching the movie, and went back to the movie? Or she was on the computer anyway during her favorite movie and decided to tell people she was watching the movie, which she clearly wasn’t while she was on Facebook? And who cares anyway?

Goin out 2 the city wit ma wife and niece…6ut first gotta drop 6y to ma sis to quench ma thirst.

Hmm. Here is a man with nothing to drink in his house. I’m not sure I’d be too proud of that.

wants to major engineering.

Really? So do I. but first tell me how you “major” something. I suspect the poster means “wants to do some major engineering,” which in this case must mean “make a big sandwich” because I’m not sure he’ll major “in” engineering.

in dha house chillin w| my one and onli x3 ily so much :) yu brighten up my day love yu.

“I’m having such a wonderful time with my you, my love, be back in ten minutes after I jump on Facebook and update my status.” I imagine two people, in separate rooms in the same house, instant messaging each other back and forth. Ah, modern love.

i spend da day gettin my hair done n more shit pops off but i noe how u doin shit now o man imma violate u so bad jus keep it up keep it up………..

Is she mad at her hair?

why do those go back in life and not go foward if they know they’ve been hurt before, rather than to live the life they have now and be happy and settle for what’s infront of them????

This is one of those Back to the Future things, where you go back in time and your picture starts to fade, right?

I have to admit, this is harder than I thought. Anyway, you know all the rules about internet security, about how you limit access to your personal information and never give out certain info at all? This next person was asleep the nine thousand times she heard that message:

Nosey bitch stop fuccin bein concerned about shit that I do or make accusations about my friends … but ill let u noe something this since u wanna go play informa … I attend Medgar Evers College I work full time at Victoria Secret and I’m putting myself through a CNA course at Mannhattan Institute … I dont have no kids my boyfriend is in VA educated and making his money … NOW GO RUN TELL THAT BITCH!

This one made me laugh:

Good morning FB, I’m working on a Saturday. Its a good thing that i’m getting paid overtime for these hrs.

I suspect this guy starts everyday with “good morning sun. Good morning toothbrush. Good morning toilet.” You get the idea. I bet he gets punched a lot.

why do ppl say God has never failed me yet? he will never fail u so dot say “yet.”

God may not have failed you, but I bet your English teacher did.


I had to make a flowchart for this one:

That’s it. Time for two Advils and back to bed. This gave me a raging headache.


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