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Chance Encounters in Time and Space, Episode One

27 Aug

August 27, 2015

chance encounters in space

TONIGHT: Abraham Lincoln Meets Genghis Khan

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Hello sir, and well met we are for I do not rightly know where we are or how we arrived in this obscure and unknown arena.
ABRAHAM LINCOLN: I do not rightly appreciate the waving of your knife. Please, let us reason and- URK!

Lincoln dies, Genghis takes his hat.


COMING SOON: Florence Nightingale Meets Pol Pot

khan with hat



There’s More Grave Than Gravy On TV Tonight

7 Jul

June 7, 2015

TV gravey

“The Devil’s Gravey”? I thought it was a cooking show about spicy gravy. I won’t be using any recipe I find on that program.


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