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Pro Wrestling Smackaround! Grudge Match!

2 Jul

July 2, 2015

And here we go! World Wrestling Congress action is coming to you live tonight from the General Custer High School auditorium in Auxvasse, Missouri! We have a sold out crowd of 983! The whole town is here!

They haven’t had a crowd like this since the general store burned down.

That’s right! I’m Chuck McGonagall and with me as always is my partner, Luscious Lenny Brown.

And I love you all! Tonight’s show is brought to you by The Egg Hutch on Route 3. Come on in for some eggs!

I had one this morning, It was pretty good. Well fans, we have some awesome action tonight. In our main event, General Duke Rightwing is taking on The Conscientious Dissenter. Duke doesn’t take too kindly to The Dissenter’s new Canadian allegiance.

That’s right Chuck. There’s no love lost there. If General Rightwing wins, he’s going to make The Dissenter enlist in the army.

Wow! Also on the card is a Missouri Brawl Battle. 13 men enter the ring at the same time. The first one to stack the others in a human pyramid and climb to the top and grab the flag hanging above the center of the ring wins.

Oooh! I’ve never seen that before!

You get all the best action in the WWC! Some of our biggest stars are already entered. Big Little Smalls and Mr. Graceful are itching to go, and I heard a rumor that WWC Interstate Champion David Letterman Junior is in the arena.


We’ll also see tag team action with Bip and Bop taking on The Filipino Coal Miners, and Bucky “The Rich Man’s Mojo” Mathers will team with La Ardila against Robot 1 and Robot 4.

I can’t wait! Let’s go to the ring, our first match is about to begin. It’s a rematch from last week’s pay per view, Stairway to Amazing. Surfer Boy is taking on Mr. Surfing in a Catch the Wave match. I hope you have your towel ready Chuck! I don’t even know what that means!

wwc surfing

John Newly Has A Crush (Lying Awake with John Newly #10)

25 Jun

June 25, 2015

ANNOUNCER: That’s the news at 1 am, more news at the top of the hour

Eerie sci-fi music starts, goes on for almost 3 ½ minutes

ANNOUNCER: This is Lying Awake with John Newly. And here’s your host, John Newly.

Thank you! Tonight we are privileged, honored and privileged, actually, to have as our first and only guest, one of our Lying Awake favorites. And just between you and me, she’s one of my favorites too. We’re going to talk numerology with Linda McCandles. Let’s jump right in. Hi Linda!

-Hi John! So great to be back!

Linda, I just love the nights that we have you on!

-That must be why I’m on almost every week!

Oh Linda, you are so smart, and so beautiful! We’ve got your picture up on the Lying Awake website so our listeners can see you too. They can print out your picture if they want to. I’ve got it taped up over my microphone.

-Well, ok. (nervous laugh)


Let’s talk about the Presidential election. I understand you have some unique numerological insights.

-That’s right John. I’ve found that if you were to add the numbers in the birthdays of any President, then divide it by the number of months he was in office, the number you produce is even almost half of the time.

Really? That must mean something.

-Yes! And what’s more amazing is that it works regardless of if the President was a Republican or a Democrat.

Wow, I guess that goes to show you that we really are all the same, no matter what we believe. This proves the brotherhood of man, don’t you think?

-I do!

Linda, whenever I have you on, my thoughts always come back to love. Can we talk about that?

-Um, ok…

What number- and it has to be a number found in numerology, right? What number found in numerology is a good love number?

– Well John, 8 is always a signifier of new love.

Linda, I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s 8 minutes after 1 right now.

-My clock says 1:12.

No, no, it’s 1:08. I just set my watch to that. I made it 1:08.


-Yes, yes, well… oh! Did you know that if you want to know how lucky a year will be, you just need to add up the numbers in the year?

Hmm, let’s try that. This is 2015. So that’s 2 plus zero, that’s zero, no, I mean two. And then you add 1 and 5 or should I add them together and make 15?

-You should add 2 plus 1 plus 5.

OK, just give me a second………………………………………. What’s that? My producer tells me that he’s done it and those numbers all add up to 8. And you know what that means Linda, hmm?

-Sure, it means that this will be a year of change.

Love, you mean love.

-No, we’re doing the luck calendar. Eight is a number of unlucky change.

But we came up with the number of love a few minutes ago. Eight!

-Numerology is-

FINE! My buttinsky producer Fast Eddie tells me that we are very late to go to commercial and we have to take a break. And when we come back, we’ll talk more about this big number eight controversy and maybe even make some diner plans with Linda. What? Eddie, stop talking to me while I’m trying to talk to Linda. No, no, I told you my wife is very sick. We’re separated, going to get a divorce. It’s an open marriage. I really want to talk to Linda about this, maybe plan a trip to Maine with her. I bought her this lace-


What? We’re still on? You heard that? Eddie, go to commercial!




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