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I Even Found The Count on eBay!

18 Jan

January 18, 2015

Ebay, you gotta love it. Want to find a broken video game? They’ve got it. The last card you need to complete your Dukes of Hazzard trading card set? It’s there. A rare Etruscan nose snood? Oh, sure. And then there’s this:

Dracula Gilbert listing

Hey look at that! A Dracula figure. Sweet.

Wait, is that Dracula? Let’s take a closer look.

Dracula Gilbert

That’s not Dracula, that’s Gilbert Gottfried!

Gilbert by two

Dracula Gottfried! This is so cool! I always wanted a Count Gilbert figure ever since he made his first appearance many years ago on the Howard Stern Show!

Dracula Gottfried







Your Daily Fortune for January 15th, 2015

15 Jan

January 15, 2015


Hello. I am the Fortunebot 5000™. I am calculating your Daily Fortune™ based on over 6 million variables, including your past history, the weather on the day you were born, and the 2016 Seattle Mariners spring training schedule.

Your Daily Fortune™ will be ready shortly.

While you wait, have you considered that this may be a good time to try new Carter’s Toothpaste™? Carter’s Toothpaste™ now has  21% more fluoride. Carter’s Toothpaste™ is a proud sponsor of Your Daily Fortune™. Carter’s Toothpaste™. Proudly carcinogen-free since 2006.

Your Daily Fortune™ is now ready.

Your teeth may be in danger of cavities. Please see your dentist immediately.








Christmas Meme And GIF Time!

6 Dec

December 6, 2014

christmas header

Just in time for Christmas, all new Christmas memes and gifs! Spread them virally to those you  love, or hate, or really don’t care about. It’ll give you a laugh.

hollis elf NAUGHTY


hollis elf NICE


hollis elf sneaky

Hollis elf 2


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