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Now Marvel Comics Is Doing It!

2 Mar

March 2, 2015

Yesterday we showed you some sneak peeks of the upcoming DC reboots. Well, today I managed to get my hands on one from Marvel and I think the House of (unoriginal) Ideas has really struck out this time. So fans, tell me: What do you think of the upcoming Captain America relaunch? I think Marvel has some serious issues with this one.

cap reboot 2




DC Comics Has Done It Again!

1 Mar

March 1, 2015

DC Comics has another huge event coming up, and they promise that when it’s over we’ll have a new DC Universe. WOW! I CAN’T WAIT! Because as long-time readers know, (you know, those guys in the Ukraine jail) I’ve given up comics and in the last four or so years (since DC’s last reboot, Flashpoint) I’ve bought less than 4 or 5 comics, not counting Afterlife with Archie, which is just that good.

Anyway, in this event, characters from across all of DC’s history, regardless of era, dimension, or if they even exist in current continuity, have been brought together to battle it out.

And just by coincidence, Marvel is doing the exact same thing.

Remember when Marvel used to call itself The House of Ideas? Now they call themselves The House that Makes Changes to Match Whatever The Movies Do.

Well, the DC reboot has me excited- with a capital EXCITE!- because, if these leaked promo pictures I found online are true, they really have got it right this time! THESE are the comics and characters I want to read about! I have to hand it to DC- they are really making some daring moves!

hawkman reboot

flash reboot


green arrow reboot


The Saturday Comics: Monkeys in the Mail

2 Feb

February 2, 2015


Here’s a classic comic book ad I came across recently. Trust me, you’ll love it.

tiny dog ad


Of course, there is clearly a scam going on here. They are pretty desperate to get those snapshots, and not just for the “forty-nine cents and a few cents for our c.o.d. service plus postage.” And notice that the studio in the separate ad on the bottom of the page has virtually the same address as the main ad. So I can’t pin it down, but my Spidey-sense is definitely tingling.

Spidey-Monkey Sense

But this ad has maybe the best offer I ever saw. Better than Sea-Monkeys, better than x-ray specs, this is a real, live, miniature dog, the same kind Paris Hilton and the rest of the Hollywood airhead-types carry around in their purses. (BTW- think those dogs poop in there?) Or, and this is even better, A MONKEY! THROUGH THE MAIL! “Healthy and very intelligent.”

I said before this is a scam, and I can’t believe they’d send living critters in the mail “ENTIRELY AT MY EXPENSE,” and no, it isn’t clear who “MY” refers to.

But oh, to live in a world where young boys can get free monkeys in the mail! I can’t believe that every kid in America didn’t send in a coupon and break the world monkey market in the process.








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